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July, 22

Tuscany at Expo: an initial evaluation

Last day of Tuscany in Shanghai. Regional stand was one of the most visited


July, 16

The day of the Tuscan Health

The Regional Conference on Health at the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai. 70 businesses on mission to China

Italy Pavilion: opened the exhibition of the Centro Pecci

Opened today in Shanghai, the exhibition "Italian Genius Now. Home sweet home", born from a project of the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci and produced in collaboration with the Agency.

Through the works of nine contemporary artists from today until July 24, the exhibition The exhibition "Italian Genius Now Home Sweet Home" - set up inside the Italian Pavilion and curated by Marco Bazzini - although it remains sensible to the current topic of devastating environmental situation, has no intention to critically emphasize our unconscious behaviour towards our environment, it does not underline the ecological horrors that are destroying the balance between us and our surroundings.

Art requests a different reaction and a different approach to the problem. It creates visions that inspire reflection and awarrness of mutual existence between environment and its inhabitants and their interaction.

The most intimate relationship between the people and their invironment is the inhabitance. Cutting out from the environment a space, cultivate it, and make it our own, has always been a principal human need. The building activity is firmly connected to the local communities in terms of their costums and needs and to the territory in terms of the climate, landsacape and material offers. So the settlements are always a result of  an interaction between humans and their surroundings.

Observing the works of artists that research the topics of space, environment and architecture we are invited to imagine the diversity of development experience, new urbanistic discoveries and new approaches to building and designing a human habitat always keeping in mind the fragility of the equilibrium we have to mantain. These inovative styles that open view to different vital and working conditions are bound to propose and promote the sostainability in dvelopment and growth of numerous communities.

Selected Artists: Superstudio, Massimo Bartolini, Paolo Canevari, Alice Cattaneo, Loris Cecchini, Francesco De Grandi, Michael Fliri, Tancredi Mangano, Gianni Pettena.

Exhibition catalog (.pdf)

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